We regret to inform the community that all further "Summer of Fun" events are canceled until further notice. As we have grown to love and respect the community that supports us, we feel we owe you an explanation:

Following last year's successful run of our "Summer of Fun" event line-up, we approached the Community Center and again offered them a partnership opportunity. By mutual decision, an equitable deal was struck that divided revenue evenly between the Heart of Dixie and the Community Center.

Having just delighted families with "Splash Festival" on the 7th, we are only now being made aware of a startling policy change that contradicts our original agreement. "Summer of Fun" is made possible by the generosity of our friends and neighbors that run businesses in our community. In order to forge our partnership, we were told who were and were not allowed to have sponsor the events this summer. Unfortunately that meant denying some of our largest contributors.

Without deference to our initial agreement, the Community Center is claiming ownership of any and all revenue generated by the "Summer of Fun" events. The Community Center's contention is that, as they drew the most sponsorship dollars to the event, they are entitled to the vast majority of the profit; however, as has just been explained, we were not allowed to invite our largest sponsors to return this year.

After having burdened ourselves tirelessly to invite all the members of the community, with most invitations handed out door-to-door, we are now being left high and dry. The only option they are leaving us is to gather more sponsors, but as all printed media has been distributed, we have little to offer any potential prospect we might find in this late hour. Also, we do not feel it is morally responsible to raise more money for events whose budgets are already covered with existing sponsorship capital. It is wholly unnecessary and rather dishonest.

We hope that an amicable resolution will be reached with the Community Center in time for us to get "Color Festival" and "Bubble Fest" back on track.

We are unable to operate our business, not unlike any other business, without profit. Our family cannot afford to live without a room over our head, or food on our table, just as no hardworking family should have to.

- Heart of Dixie Family

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